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1st EVER 24HoursOfLemons in Australia

Early Tuesday morning and we are all waiting for the gate to open. Apparently there was a memo and none of us read it.

We didn't get the memo eitherStill waitingGate opens at 9am

Scrutineering and the art of lying to the judges

trust me your honour everything is legitpassing inspectionpassing inspection 2We have an engine

Anticipation is building

The anticipationOur Captain

Ok, let’s go

Tom getting readyJC ready to rollJC Dean and Grantstart of day 2

Perfect end to day One

Wakefield at dusk 2Wakefield at dusk

Phil working hard and the rest of us are keeping the grog industry profitable

end of day 1

Foggy start to day Two

Foggy start top day 2

Ready to go

Little BMW going strong

Sherman Tank hiding and ready to attack

Sherman tank hidingHogans Heros

Sean’s entry that did not make it into the race

Sean entry

Come and get your penalties

Sin BinBeing punished

The worst Rap, EVER!

The worst rap EVERWorst rap EVER 2rap completed

We made it!!

FinishMade itLittle BMW and we made it

Left over spare parts

Spare parts

Mercedes number 2.

This car was described as skateboard with a motor. Oh Yes!!! My best trick was pulling handbrake turn into Pitt Street. Caught by the police and fined, heavily. Boy, but what fun.APP_5524APP_5563APP_5616APP_5516APP_5509APP_5504APP_5499APP_5507

Traveling back in time

This is how it all began almost 14 years ago. New car, New Teddy bear. Teddy has been with me all this time. His wardrobe has grown considerably since then.  C180_1C180 Teddy