10 reasons why you should fall in love with your car

Last month in the Weekend Australian, John Connolly from Prestige Motoring provided 10 reasons why not to fall in love with your car. I do not agree with him, and here are my 10 reasons why you should:

1) Cars don’t lie. Just because some moron with a cap back-to-front purchased an AMG badge and stuck it on the rear of a C250 (diesel), don’t blame the car. Blame the squidgy thing behind the steering wheel.

2) Cars don’t get cross with you if you are late. They patiently wait in the car park until you return.

3) A car does not continually correct you. Some of the new ones try, but this is easily rectified by turning that function OFF.

4) Cars take you where ever you want to go. They are just as happy to take you to a designer clothing store as they are to take you to Bunnings.

5) Cars do not run red lights whilst updating their Facebook, like the pedestrians in the CBD.

6) Cars are better than a therapist. A long drive by yourself is far better than session with therapist called Rainbow with whale mating songs in the background.

7) Cars don’t get sulky and stroppy if you look at another car.

8) They will even drive you around when you are shopping around for a new car. Try doing that with your partner.

9) They drive you to pick up your new car, despite knowing that they will be left behind. I try making mine feel better by telling them that they will go to a new home where the new owners will love them as much as I do.

10) Most people have fond memories of their cars, even the lemons. Now ask your friends how many of them remember their exes like this?