3 Major Milestones

I have broken three records in the month of June:

1)      My June monthly total for kilometres travelled is 1,494. My average per month is around 600, so this is the most I have ever done. This has more to do with the fact that I was at Wakefield twice in a single month. Each trip is a 438km round trip, which accounts for more than 60% of the kms traveled.

2)      I have kept the E-Class for over 40,000 kms. The last car that even came close to that was my SLK, and that had 39,800 when I took possession of my next car.

3)      For the first time ever, it cost me $100 to fill up the car. Given that Shell Vpower now retails at $1.79 per litre, and the car needs 57 litre, the total came to over $102.00. Oh well, I insist on driving everywhere, so that is the price to pay.