AMG badge does not maketh a car.

AMG badges. OK, I know everything these days can be purchased on eBay, but please, people, do not make your car a laughing stock. AMG do not tune 4-cylinder cars. Trust me, they do not! Purchasing an AMG badge from eBay and sticking it on the boot of your car fools very few people, and the few who are fooled are not worth impressing anyway. In the last two months I have witnessed this crime against motor vehicles no less than four times. Your exhaust pipe is a dead giveaway. Think about it; if you think very, very hard, you will figure it out. The one that nearly caused me to have an accident (as I was laughing so hard) was the Gumby on Alison Road. On the left was the normal Merc badge C250, on the right was a CDI badge, and in the centre was the eBay acquisition AMG badge. Mate, it’s a diesel, the other cars are laughing at you, please stop it or the rest of us will have to report you to the RSPaCA (Royal Society for Prevention against Cruelty to Automobiles). If you stick a prancing horse badge on a 15-year-old Hyundai, it will not turn it into a Ferrari, no matter how much you wish it.

The all-time winner is the white C250 traveling towards the airport this morning. eBay must have had a special offer on AMG badges. So we had C250 on one side of the boot, the eBay acquired AMG on the other side and BITURBO directly under the C250. Quick search on the internet and you will find out that BITURBO refers to V12’s.

This story was written prior to the release of the A Class AMG and soon to be released CLA. I still have my doubts about AMG tunning these cars, but hey, what do I know?