Black is the new pain

Communication breakdown. Note to self, never ever buy another black car. What possessed me to buy a black car? Oh, did I mention the white leather interior? There should be a sanity clause when you are ordering a car from the manufacturer. God bless Ben from Macintosh, he warned me, but did I listen?

My baby arrived in its gleaming glory in early October 2010. Every week without fail, the work of Awash in Gladesville or my own attempt at keeping the car looking fabulous has resulted in a very, very short-lived fabulousness. Heaven forbid if Sunday has high winds followed by a rain shower. Nothing makes a black car look as shabby as a bit of dust and a little bit of rain. Also, what is it with modern clothing? Why is it that black pants and skirts leave dark marks on the seats? We are talking about me here, Ms I Am the Dry Cleaners, it must be Friday.