“Entitled” Road Users Need to Pay Their Way: Financial Review Monday 10th Feb

According to Grant Agnew, people who use public transport are forced to pay every time they get on a bus or train or ferry, whilst “entitled” car users simply hop into their cars and use the roads for free. Wow, I did not realise how good I have it. Thank you, Andrew, for pointing this out to me. For a moment there I had totally forgotten the tolls I and very other driver pay for using roads long paid for (i.e., Sydney Harbour Bridge). Then there is the car registration, insurance, the taxes I pay every time I fill up my car with petrol, the taxes I pay when I park, and my own taxes that subsidise the public transport you use. Do you think that the price of your bus ticket goes anywhere near keeping the roads maintained?

Whilst we are on the subject of us “entitled” road users, think on this. We have been taxed and taxed again and again whilst our prospective governments have promised that these taxes will make public transport better, the roads safer, blah, blah, blah… only here we are, years later, public transport fixed, well, “fixed” by the NSW government in a way no sane person can understand, roads remain clogged and the speed limit in the Sydney CBD will be reduced to 40 km per hour. This will be a huge improvement for all of us drivers who travel into the CBD because the best we ever manage is about 10 km per hour if we are lucky. The Cross City Tunnel is a puzzle for all us drivers, because if there is an accident on the bridge, we need to drive half way to Double Bay to enter it, so we just give up and stay in the grid lock. It sort of defeats the purpose.