My AMG on Wakefield Track

I finally plucked up the courage, and on the last session of the day, took the C63 out for a run. Considering that it was the last session before the Christmas closing down period, there were few cars on the track and I decided to chance it. Tim Brooks was in the passenger seat. He pumped up the air con to arctic conditions (Boz’s race cars do not sport this essential extra) and off we went. It was huge fun. After returning to the pits, my apprehension of having an accident on the track, given the distinct lack off insurance, wore off. Still buzzing, I contacted the guys from Macintosh. Ben thought it was hoot. Simon the business manager was seriously unimpressed. Something to do with the fact that he sold me the insurance. It’s OK, he will get over it.

The brakes were glowing red after this occasion, and I have a funny feeling that doing this often will result in an expensive service bill.

I don’t care, it was still loads of fun.

C63 AMG_Wakefield