My very own racetrack, almost.

Thursday 23rd: Fabulous day at Wakefield. I always try to book two or three sessions in advance with Boz. This one fell on Thursday the 23rd, and I had been watching the weather in sheer hope that the forecast deluge was going to move on or just be plain wrong. No such luck. I arrived at Wakefield, and the temperature struggled to move into the double figures, with wind and rain, and I think for a few minutes we even had sleet.

However, this meant that very few people had actually ventured to Wakefield. The first session I had the track to myself for half the session. Few drivers ventured on to the track for the later sessions, and best of all was the last session. I had the track all to myself, with Dean Evans, owner and editor of Tarmac Magazine occasionally appearing in his almost new, only driven by a little old Lebanese lady to church every Sunday $949.99 green Hyundai purchased for the track. Finally, to be able to understand the reference points of braking and changing down a gear when hitting the first corner out of the straight! So, the final result was that I am a brilliant driver when there is nobody else on the race track. In other words, I am still crap, but without other drivers I am almost OK.