Now we are being silly

Friday 27th December 2013, SMH story. Mercedes has joined forces with American company Pebble Technology to develop a series of apps linking this hideous contraption with your car.

It says the Pebble watch can act as a “second screen” for your smart phone and “unlocks some interesting features for the connected car”.

“For example, when away from their vehicle, Mercedes-Benz drivers can review important vehicle information at a glance like fuel level, door-lock status and vehicle location using their Pebble smart watch, even when they are outside the vehicle,” Mercedes-Benz says in a press release.

Further to that, when inside the vehicle, the Pebble watch – through vehicle-to-vehicle communication – can alert drivers to real-time hazards such as accidents, road work zones or vehicle breakdowns through its vibrating function.


Hmm, I am not too sure where to even start. Needing to know how much fuel is in the car when you are sitting in a very boring meeting is just simply way to keep yourself from falling a sleep. What on this Gods Green Earth are you going to do about it? It’s not like you can go out at lunchtime and buy a 10 litter container of Shell Premium 98 to get you home.

Vehicle to vehicle communication, how about communicating with the moron who changes lanes and uses the indicator after the fact. Once this communication option is available I am happy to be one of the first to have this in my car. However I have serious doubts that Mercedes will allow me to “communicate” what I really think.

Come on guys, if you are serious about useful things, how about a longer lasting battery in your car keys. Keyless entry is a great option, but it runs the battery down so quickly you almost need to carry a spare car key to ensure you don’t end up stranded in the middle of nowhere.