F1 and Professional Complainers

Formula 1 season kicked off in Melbourne last weekend. One of the techies from our project was a first-time spectator, and after one weekend, I am happy to report a certain convert. Chaos, Anarchy and Disorder. My job here is done. No, not really, this was nothing to do with me, even though I am being accused anyway.

As expected, in the weeks leading up to the race we had the usual diehards protesting about how much it is costing the Victorian government, and demanding that Albert Park cease to be converted to the race venue for F1, etc., etc. Given the subsidies both the Federal and State Government dish out, I wonder why these people bother.

What was dragged out again was Eccelstone’s forthcoming court case in Europe. Hmm, Eddie Obied springs to mind, as does Joh Bjelke-Peterson, Russ Hinze and few others. So, something about people, glass houses and something to do with throwing stones? We should not be too hasty in pointing fingers as we have enough home-grown offenders. Plus, Bernie has not yet been convicted.

I loved one of the letters to the editor published on Monday 24th March in the Financial Review. Mr Marcus L’Estrange needed to voice his displeasure at the F1 race and at all of the wrong doings listed in the paragraph above. But a quick search on the internet revealed Marcus has a long and distinguished career in complaining about lots and lots of things. F1 was just the flavour of the moment, or perhaps it was a slow day for Mr L’Estrange.

The irony was that on the opposite page, the Financial Review ran an article on Renee Gracie, a 19-year-old competitor in the Porsche Carrera Cup Series. Let’s hope we hear much more of her in the future. It will be a tough gig, but she certainly sounds like somebody who has the mental attitude to make it to the big time.

This weekend, Sydney hosted an opening game of baseball. The Sydney Cricket Ground was certainly not filled to overflowing from the little I saw on the news, but the traffic around the area was at a gridlock. But hey, I am a big girl, and want to live in the city. So I and the rest of the Sydneysiders just sucked it up.

Formula 1 moved on, the baseball players went home. That is life in a big city, like it or not.