Goodbye, my Gorgeous

It is Thursday, and it is also the last day when I will be driving my old E250. I am excited about the C63, but deep down, I feel so bad. What if the new owner of my E250 does not look after it like I did? What if they don’t love it like I did?

I need to get a grip. This is how I feel about my godchildren, which is normal, but to feel this way about an inanimate object?

This is the same way I felt about my SLK. For a couple of years after I traded it in, every time I would see an SLK in the same silvery blue, I would wonder if it was mine. Was it clean and well looked after? If it was, I would feel a little bit better, but if the car looked dirty and in need of some tender loving care, I would feel truly bad. Part of the problem is that my personalised number plates are transferred from car to car, so I can’t be sure if these cars that I am feeling so bad about were ever the one that I owned. I think it’s time for a reality check.

However, I am wondering if some strange forces are in play. Tomorrow (Friday), I need to drop my baby to Macintosh. That means removing all my personal belongings and making sure that the log book and registration papers are handed over. I then need to grab the loan car, and return on Saturday for the complete handover to happen. But looking for my registration papers last night proved to be a futile exercise. I could find registration receipts for 2011, 2012, and 2013, but 2014 was missing. There were only two possible places, filed or in the glove box. I looked in both, with no luck. So I did a quick trip to the RTA, or whatever they are called nowadays, to obtain a copy. So all is done and ready. Removing my belongings from the car tonight will be very sad.

I need to do something about my paranoia. It’s either that, or my baby is having the same separation issues as I do. So, goodbye my gorgeous, thank you for four years of fun. Thank you for never letting me down, and for always being there waiting ready for another trip. I truly hope your new owner will look after you the same way I did, or I may have to organise to have their front lawn redecorated with concrete.