I met my match.

Little Rory is being prepped for the 24HoursOfLemons and I have absolutely no idea on the progress. That is not by the lack of trying on my behalf, I am thinking of entering Bozman into the Secret Squirrels Society. Each gentle nudge from me results in an smiling emoji and LOL in a way of reply. If I press on I get the following: “You asked me to build you a car, did you not? When it’s ready you will be the first one to know”. I thought I had the first class reply by pointing out that I have only provided a part payment and need to know how much more. This gets me; “When it’s completed I will give you the bill” and I am back to square one. I have dozens of emails stored in my draft file none of which I dare to send in fear of eternal purgatory from TrackSchool. I thought I was an expert when it comes to keeping my cards close to my chest, but I have nothing on Bozman. However I have a great plan, I know he likes white chocolate, if nothing else works I am going to have to bribe him.