All cops are petrol heads.

Who would have thought that being pulled over for RBT could be so much fun? Over the weekend after catching up with friends for brunch I decided to do a rat run back home. Many reasons, the main one being that I did not want to be part of the usual Military Road parking station. Military Road must be one of the worst bottle necks in Sydney, Sunday morning and it can easily take an hour to travel 6kms. Plus the 3 sets of lights leading on to the Sydney Harbour Bridge certainly do not help. Seen so many drivers miss the middle light because you are never too sure what traffic flow they actually control. But I am digressing, so back roads through the bottom of Neutral Bay and next thing I know there is a mobile RBT, for me these are a laugh as I am not a big drinker anyway. So, I am pulled over, asked to produce my drivers licence and requested to count to ten whilst the officer holds the portable device close to my mouth, I am usually told to stop at 5, the same happens this time. Officers satisfied that I am not breaking the law and now they are ready to talk cars and boy they know their stuff. We spend 10 minutes discussing horse power of my car versus their unmarked souped up Ford, make jokes about swapping cars for a few hours and I am back on my way home.

Petrol Heads 1

Another incident few weeks back in Goulburn, having breakfast at the Greengrocers in Clifford Street, four officers walk in with the same idea, since I am the only other customer in the joint it does not take long for a remark about my car parked at the front and questions that follow.

I think it’s a hoot