I was paying attention Boz, I promise.

Losing concentration whilst going fast. Another day, another One on One with Boz. To spare myself the agony of the 4 a.m. wakeup call, I stayed at Goulburn overnight. There is nothing like a family-owned motel in Australia. I stayed in enough of them when I worked for Shell and travelled to Alice Springs and every small town in South Australia and the Northern Territory. The one in Goulburn had a special surprise in the shape of a spider who decided that he wanted to share my bathroom. I know, in Australia I am never too far away from an arachnid, but that does not make them any more enticing. At least at home they keep their distance, thanks to my ever-present can of insect spray. This specimen liked the bathroom very much, and no amount of persuasion would convince him to move away. Let’s just say I won that argument.

The day at Wakefield was huge fun, but I did try to expand the track by going off at regular intervals. The Fish Hook turn became my Waterloo that day. I felt totally ruffled, and to add to my bad driving on one of the sessions I glanced at a friend who came with me that day whilst he was standing at the concrete wall at the straight. A split second later, I was facing the wrong way and nearly redesigned the track. Sam tried to make me feel better by telling me about a professional driver who did something equally silly. Thank you Sam, it did help. However, I still felt very foolish knowing that I am just not that good, and losing my concentration did not help. I should have known better.