Photos, high heels, Carriageworks and helmet

Photos, High Heels, Railway Tracks and Helmet. In order for the header on this website and other photo’s I needed for Motoring Misdemeanours I knew I wanted a very industrial and grungy background I was lucky enough to secure the rear area of the Carriage works in Eveleigh. Joe from Smarterdigital was kind enough to spend half a day with me to provide these fabulous photos. The giggles began whilst wearing a helmet that quickly fogged up as I kept laughing. The high heels and the somewhat covered railway tracks posed problems I never anticipated. I could not see where I was going, to add to my woes. I hate having my photo taken, and my self-consciousness did not go away. Even wearing the helmet did not help. Joe, being the eternal perfectionist, had me moving the car again and again until there was no reflection and the car looked just fabulous. I was just an afterthought. My feet ached, my back was sore and I learned a new appreciation for models on photo shoots. In my fogged and muddled brain I had forgotten to turn the lights off on my car, ending up with a flat battery. From Carriageworks, rescuers came in the shape of Matt, proud owner of a 1980s Mercedes, and Kaillan, who had been helping us during the shoot. Thanks so much to both of you; you cannot imagine how much your help was appreciated.

Perhaps I can even convince the RMS to use the shot of me wearing the helmet as my driver’s licence photo? Or perhaps not.