Meet Mezzie

Mezzie and I were introduced on 22nd December last year. She is a gorgeous little MX 5 and I am in love. Ok, Ok, I am contradicting myself here. I know that I said that all cars are Him rather than Her. However executive decision made and Mezzie is a Her and most importantly she has ABS brakes. After number of sessions with Boz it become very obvious that my driving is well and truly deteriorated so much with all the gadgets available on the new cars that I am simply unable to drive on the race track without locking up brakes and just between you and I, I think Bozman was getting tired of ending up on the auxiliary roads of Wakefield facing the wrong way.  Just something about that pained expression on his face had given the game away.

I was the first paying punter to take Mezzie around Wakefield; the steering wheel was so new I ended up with palm of my hands almost black. The four point seat belts are easy to adjust. After the first session Bozman even figured out how to open the electric windows, which came in very handy in the 38 degree heat. Initially blaming the fuse, after our first session he asked me to flick a little “Magical” switch on the right had side of the dashboard and miracle of miracles, the windows worked. Sorry Boz had to put that one in. You can’t always be perfect.

I hope to drive Mezzie next time I am at Wakefield; somehow I don’t like my chances of ever being allowed to take Kermit out on the track. That is OK, I love Mezzie and am happy with that.