Why can’t I “build my own car” on the MB website?

Still many, many sleeps to go before my new baby arrives. This unfortunately allows me too much time on my hands to wonder what the colour selection and wheels will look as the package. Add to this the problem that many colours in the showroom do not correctly represents the true colour, great example is the interior of my E Class, I ordered what I thought was grey only to be confronted with a grey so soft it looks off white. Stuck at home recently with bout of flu and being banned from showing my face in the office, well at least until my germs were non-threatening to my co-workers I ventured onto number of websites both official and un-official to play around with the colour selections and wheels available for the AMG. The Mercedes Benz website was about as helpful as HAL9000, “E, I am afraid I can’t allow you to do that.” A thanks guys, White CLA45 AMG with a background in Florida and NY (I am guessing) is NOT what I was after. Car and Driver was a little bit better, but colours look different when photographed in the dark and direct sunlight.

Back to Macintosh to see if they have anything that may give me the overall picture of the options and what they will look like together. So guys, rather than giving me a idiotic watch that tells me how much fuel I have, how about “Design your own car” on your website?